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Foi encontrado tbm novos STATUS CONDITION para jogo 

  1. Drowsy : The Pokémon is drowsy and may fail to act. Any damage it takes is also increased.
  2. Obscured: The Pokémon is concealed in mud or the like, raising the chance that the Pokémon will evade opponents’ moves.
  3. Primed: The Pokémon has adopted a hard-hitting stance, increasing the damage it deals with its moves.
  4. Fixated: The Pokémon is fixated on the last move it used. This move will deal increased damage while the fixation lasts, but any damage dealt to the fixated Pokémon is also increased.
  5. Frostbite : At the end of each turn, the Pokémon is hurt by its frostbite. Any damage it deals with special moves will also be reduced

The Freeze and Sleep status conditions are gone. They have been replaced with Frostbite and Drowsy.