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Galera o centro Leaks (https://twitter.com/CentroLeaks)  soltou um compilado de novos informaçoes sobre PLA vou postar as que eu acho mais relevante pro competitivo , desculpe qualquer erro ou se faltou algo .

Começando pelos novos MOVES do game

  1.  Dire Claw: The user lashes out at the target with ruinous claws, aiming to land a critical hit. This may also leave the target poisoned, paralyzed, or drowsy.
  2. Psyshield Bash: Cloaking itself in psychic energy, the user slams into the target. This may also raise the user’s defensive stats.
  3. Power Shift: The user swaps its offensive and defensive stats.
  4. Stone Axe: The user swings its stone axes at the target, aiming to land a critical hit. Stone splinters left behind by this attack continue to damage the target for several turns.
  5. Springtide Storm: The user attacks by wrapping the target in fierce winds brimming with love and hate. This move’s additional effects depend on the user’s form.
  6. Mystical Power: The user strengthens itself with a mysterious power. If it excels in offense, its offensive stats are raised. If it excels in defense, its defensive stats are raised.